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Hey guys! First off, I have created an instagram! Follow me @nailgasmicz! Sadly, the username nailgasmic was taken up by someone else (you can look at boobs and nails there lol), but oh well. 

Anyway. I had intended for this manicure to look less like racing stripes, but the world works in mysterious ways. How deep am i? SO. I started with a white base, and painted on Deborah Lippmann Call Me Irresponsible and a neon pink Barry M jelly - this shade is unnamed, but is limited edition and exclusive to Boots. I love the cap! I added tape and painted on a stripe of Barry M Silver Foil. 

I like this look, but I feel like somethings missing.

Have a great weekend and follow me on IG! @nailgasmicz 

Listen to: Caravan Palace - Dramaphone

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