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Well hey! Hows it going, internet? Have I mentioned how much I love jelly sandwiches? Like ohmalord. Give me all da jellyz and all da glitturz and I’ll be a happy bunny. This particular sandwich is sooooo gorgeously squishy - and it kinda looks like Super Black Lacquer Drunk Dial! 

I used Deborah Lippmann Call Me Irresponsible (a bright purple jelly) and Boom Boom Pow (gold glitter with real gold shimmer - ahmagad!) as my sandwich filling. I started with three coats of CMI, 1 coat of BBP, more bread, more filling, more bread and topcoat! (confused? You will be.)

I really love Boom Boom Pow but Call Me Irresponsible disappointed me a bit… the brush was quite skinny which, for me, did not make application easy at all, and it is a beautiful purple-blue in the bottle but sadly, it loses that cool blue undertone on the nail. Yes, it’s a very pretty shade, but not what I was expecting. It was also streaky - but is that because of the brush or because of the formula? Whatever it is, it reinforces my view that expensive nail polish is not necessarily of a better quality. 

Surprisingly Boom Boom Pow has a completely different brush! It’s much thicker, so easier to use. It also has great glitter payoff and it looks absolutely beautiful. It contains gold hex glitter and gold shimmer in a sheer pale yellow base - freakishly versatile and awesome! In this case, I would definitely pay the full price (I actually got these in a pack with Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle at TK Maxx for £15.99. Bargain!)

Listen to: Alesso - Years 

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