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Lately I’ve been wearing Station Road, a lovely canary yellow, from the new Barry M Textured collection. I really didn’t think I’d like the textured finish, but it’s pleasantly surprised me and I’ve gone and fallen in love with it! It kind of reminds me of a cross between velvet/flock manicures and crackle nail polish - when you apply it, it seems like a normal polish, but it dries and mattifies and goes all… bumpy! I couldn’t stop stroking my nails. It’s a really cool finish!

The formula is lovely and streak free (would you be able to tell if it streaks anyway?) This is three thin coats, but it would have been fine with two - I wanted it to be completely VNL-free. I’m very impressed with tipwear, or lack thereof! After 5 days, with a base coat and no top coat, I saw a bit of tipwear, but not much. No huge chips, either. Removal requires a bit of scrubbing, but it’s not that hard and definitely not as hard as glitter removal.

There are four other colours in this collection (blue, mint green and pink-nude) but I liked this one because of the strong shimmer, which translates nicely to the nail. Also, it’s YELLOW! WOO! It definitely brightened up my day! I may go back for the blue…

All in all - it’s an awesome, bang on-trend nail polish for a great price (£3.99). Well done, Barry M!

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