Of Nailgasmic Proportions
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F =√([∞(v^2+u^2)]/t^3)



(Two coats of FF over two coats of KIKO 300 Pearly Malachite Green. Swatches here)





Orgasmic multichrome goodness.

I’m so glad I finally bought this. I’d seen it around and thought about it and gone away and come back and NOW I HAVE IT!

A tiny bottle of deliciousness.

Speaking of which, 4ml?! That’s awful, MaxFactor. But the formula is magic, made for layering (I used a shimmery dark teal blue), and absolutely goooooorgeous.

Look at that colour shift. Just. Look. At. That. Emerald green to orange to red to purple with a blue flash if I tilt my nails all the way up and wow. I honestly couldn’t stop tilting my hands to see the flashes. I kept this manicure on for a record 4 days! That’s how lovely it is. 

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